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Sit Down Comedy 2

5 women with different disabilities will carry out a Stand Up Comedy Show (Sit Down Comedy Show). They will talk about their lives and how disability is part of them. The event will be held in Auditorio EGOB at 8.00 PM and the entrance is free.


MUSE Open Day in Colima,

Organized by the University of Colima, this event consists of workshops and information day with the participation of the President of the University of Colima. This event has as its aim raise awareness in the Univeristy Community about Disability and about MUSE Projects objectives


The Training Handbook is a guide for university administrative and academic staff in order to implement the appropriate training to support the MUSE Project objectives, both in the short term and in the future, of increasing higher education’s equal access and retention to learning environments for students with disability. This Training Handbook is meant to support the use of the online materials (http://www.museproject.eu/training-materials) prepared by European Institutions for future trainers who want to develop inclusive education cultures, practices and policies at the university.