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Accessible elections at UNR

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

During the week of April 3 to 5, the students of the National University of Rosario elect their representatives in the Student Centers and Directive Council. In the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations this year will be added the possibility of voting with Braille and Macrotype ballots.

The initiative has been promoted by the Accessibility Area of the Faculty and is aimed at facilitating the accessibility and particularly the autonomy of students with visual disabilities at the time of vote. Another reason to incorporate this proposal has to do with being one of the Academic Units with the highest number of students with this type of disability, counting about 30 students among all the careers that are held in it.

During 2016 a pilot test was carried out, which had the support and approval of the members of the student electoral board, which allowed to implement the proposal during this year. The Faculty will encourage the replication of this initiative in the rest of the houses of study of the UNR, so that all incorporate the accessible vote for the visually impaired.