Disability, Human Rights and Extension in the Faculty of Political Science and RRII of the UNR

Disability, Human Rights and Extension in the Faculty of Political Science and RRII of the UNR

Thursday, July 5, 2018

On July 4th was held the Conference "Disability, Human Rights and University Extension in times of the centenary of the University Reform", an activity in which the challenges of inclusion were addressed from different perspectives.

Students, teachers and researchers shared a morning of work where they proposed inclusion as a strategic issue for those who do not reach the Public University and for those who pass through to do so effectively and not just a statement of principles. In this, accessibility appeared as a central theme in the agenda.

The event counted on an initial panel composed by the Dean, Franco Bartolacci; the Secretary of Extension, Paula Contino; the head of the Accessibility Area, Miriam Bidyeran; the Director of the School of Social Work, José María Alberdi; Viviana Marchetti, teacher of Visual Graphic 1 of the Degree in Social Communication; and Virginia Ferreyra on behalf of the MUSE Project, who presented the "Small Accessibility Guide in the Faculty" prepared together with members of that Academic Unit and delivered and presented the Accessible Technology acquired through the Project.

The Day served to reflect, in the framework of the University Reform, on the updating of the postulates of reformism at present. In this sense, the issues of reducing barriers in the environment and expanding Human Rights were addressed.

The activities of the Conference included debates on inclusive policies; the launching of the agreement between the Chair of Disability and Human Rights and the chair of Extension and Citizenship; an exhibition of the University Commission on Disability (CUD), the presentation of an Accessibility Guide, an exhibition on Graphic Communication Strategies on Academic Accessibility, and a Conversation among panelists, teachers, graduates and students entitled "Public Policies on Disability in neoliberal times, the users and workers have the word. "